Simple and Sarcastic. Swoon.

The new Tylenol "Feel Better" ads that seem to be challenging Brett Gelman's "Little Bit of Luck" for title of NYC's most ubiquitous ads, are very Captain Obvious. They offer helpful advice such as "when you're hungry eat" and "if you can't sleep take a sleeping pill." Not exactly groundbreaking advertising.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled on this simple and perfectly snarky graffiti.

"If you're sick, GENIUS take a sick day."

Genius. I love the correct punctuation. I love the simplicity. And I love that someone crossed out "Tylenol" and added a tag. Like we're to believe that Tylenol no longer makes Tylenol. Clean pink slippers. An added bonus.

Eliot: Spitzer or 'ET?

I saw this ad for keeping it green where someone wrote "Why Eliot?" I guess because of the bike my immediate thought was "this person is obsessed with 'ET' the movie." Then, to quote my sophomore English teacher who died from complications due to alcoholism, 'light dawns on marble head." Eliot Spitzer. Who boinked a whore and had to quit his governor. I get it!

Enjoy the graffiti the way Eliot enjoyed that $4,000 hummer!