Deja vu and a movie review

Another reader submission that I managed to overlook. Shame shame shame on me. First...this blast from the past. "Step off asshole." I love it.

Remember this?

"Can you spare any change?" I love themed entries!

Delightful reader Nuala decided to send in 2 pix...this entry is the best review of "The Break-Up" I have ever seen.

Yup that about sums it up. The movie blew and I don't care!


Ha ha ha
This is a new fave!

Sent in by Lex in Nashville. I will let Lex do the explainin'

Found this amazing graffiti in the women's bathroom of a bar in Nashville, TN. I had to snap it because, yeah, I used to fuck one too!

The message of the ATM

Yet another delightful graf sent in by a reader! Thanks to Ernie of Atlanta!

"Capitalism is killing you" with the word "killing" scribbled out. And the lame anarchy symbol...I imagine someone with a checking account balance of $56.89 wrote the "Capitalism is killing you" and some douchebag with a balance of "$36,903.77" crossed it out.


We try to be smart...

Jessica R. sent this in...thanks so her. "What keeps us thinking? Pussy" Of course! Jessica has a great observation on this one
This has been up at a Wall Street station for a while now. The word (pussy) had originally been written in red, but was crossed out. Thens omebody decided that the pussy could not be denied and wrote it again in black.
I love it when pussy cannot be denied. Of course I could get all Bust magazine-Nancy Pelosi on you and be all about pussy power but that would make me an asshole. It is just ALWAYS funny when people write dirty words. Cock, pussy, dick and balls. This is what the art of the quick graffiti is made of. People try to clean this graffiti up...but I literally have no idea why. Writing a dirty word keeps us young and keeps us American.


Another real find from a reader of the graf blog...this one is thanks to DJ. A set of stairs with the bold statment "DON'T DO THAT!"

He doesn't know what it means and I don't either. To be quite frank I don't even care. I love the assumption that whatever it is you are doing - IT IS WRONG. What a way to go through life. This is wrong. In an absolute sense. Those stairs are like original sin (which is the Catholic concept that just by being born we have sin and need to be wonder Catholics prefer sex with children...)

I am going to make those stairs my mantra...DON'T DO THAT!

Mascara or Weiner

I love this graffiti sent in by the adorable Damian Chadwick. One first glance it isn't much but if you treat it like one of those crazy dot pictures from the 90s where you squint and see a tiger...then you won't be disappointed.

Yup. That is a penis and balls on top of the mascara. Amen brothers and sisters. Isn't it nice when the world just feels like it alwats does. It's as if the Republicans didn't even lose. Ha ha. No fucking way.