Employee of the Month Challenge

This is one of my FAVORITE graffitis of late because it exists on so many levels. It is for the movie Employee of the Month that sort of came and went but it features a couple current blips in the pop-culture heart monitor.


I know most comedians despise Dane Cook. He seems like a decent hard-working guy who hooks up his friends. Is he the funniest edgiest comedian in the world, no...but Bill Hicks had stomach cancer and died so what are we gonna do.

This is a simple graffiti and one that is appropriate for Dane Cook. A fart Poooof. Well done.


How is it that Nick Lachey is now the more talented and successful member of that couple. I didn't think I could enjoy a song/video less than "What's Left of Me" until I saw "A Public Affair" it was like the crabs I imagine Brett Ratner gave Ms. Simpson.

"White devil" yeah pretty accurate. As a white person I can safely say the entire Simpson clan are white devils and if you meet one don't look it in the eyes. You will lose your soul.


This graf is what transcends this piece into art. "What do you really want to create with this life?" Amazing. Is this a message to the graffiti posters to lay off the fart bursts? I hope not, I love fart bursts. Classic. Is it to the cast of the film, especially the pretty talented comedian Dax Shepard? Who knows...but I love it.

I'm a dude!

America's Next Top Model is a great show for many reasons. One reason is that all the girl drama is given the exact same weight. For example this season's first show had crying from no less than 6 of the girls. And one girl beat cancer - wow. One girl was in a plane accident and her mother died on top of her and the warmth from her dead mother kept her alive - WOW. One girl was a little darker than her brothers and sisters and they mocked her for being ashy. SCREEECH. Now it isn't the girl's fault. The producers set her up to look like an asshole. And thus the greatest TV show ever filmed.

Ladies and gentlemen meet the girl who's momma died on her.

And she's a carpet muncher. Well I guess if she is a guy that makes her straight! Awww! Who cares! She got the ax. Having your momma die on you don't make you take pretty pictures.

Oh Lesbians!

Thanks to Mark Vignoli who spotted this on a trash can. Hopefully you can read it - it says "fuck the lesbian in the ass." As Mark pointed out, there are some spelling issues.

I am hoping that Dwayne Buckle, the man attacked by a gang of petite and ornery lesbians, wrote this!

Sambo days are over!

Thanks to Amy Sloan from Atlanta who was DETERMINED to find a local graf but found this gem in NYC.

Little Man: ā€œIā€™m glad the Sambo days are over!ā€