Hairy Dinosaur Dick

This graffiti entry comes from Lauren in NC. She has a polaroid blog over at

Apparently someone has a "hairy pieradaciyl penis." First off, "pterodactyl" is spelled wrong. But it is an ambitious word for a spray-paint graffiti tag. I wonder why the person tagged that house, barn, it is own and he decided not to try and simply spray-paint his dating profile? Is it a more specific way to toilet paper someone's home? A modern day scarlet letter?

Or maybe a dinosaur lives there and he really has a hairy dick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for clarification, a pterodactyl is not a dinosaur but rather a flying reptile that during the same time as the dinosaurs. It's a common mistake and many people mistakenly refer to flying reptiles (such as pterodactyls & pteranodons) and aquatic reptiles (such as ichthyosaurs & plesiosaurs) as dinosaurs. The term dinosaur refers to a rather specific class of land reptiles with distinct characteristics.

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