The Pursuit of Nappiness

The delightful Silvija Ozols (UCB Harold team Creep & Rogue Elephant) sent in this graffiti she saw in Queens.

She wrote, "I saw this at the 36th St stop on the R train and thought of your graffiti blog. I can't really tell if it's offensive so I'll leave it for you to decide.

I saw Silvija after she sent this and she again wondered if it was offensive. I told her, "I'm from Boston...this isn't offensive enough." I am serious. Boston is a place that chants "Jeter has AIDS" when the Yankees play. This town is for real. We have so standards. Nothing offends us. So to point out that Will Smith's adorable son is a little nappy...that's a Tuesday in Boston.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you meant no standards instead of so standards.

---your stalker

7:00 PM  

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