I'm a dude!

America's Next Top Model is a great show for many reasons. One reason is that all the girl drama is given the exact same weight. For example this season's first show had crying from no less than 6 of the girls. And one girl beat cancer - wow. One girl was in a plane accident and her mother died on top of her and the warmth from her dead mother kept her alive - WOW. One girl was a little darker than her brothers and sisters and they mocked her for being ashy. SCREEECH. Now it isn't the girl's fault. The producers set her up to look like an asshole. And thus the greatest TV show ever filmed.

Ladies and gentlemen meet the girl who's momma died on her.

And she's a carpet muncher. Well I guess if she is a guy that makes her straight! Awww! Who cares! She got the ax. Having your momma die on you don't make you take pretty pictures.


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