Oh Lesbians!

Thanks to Mark Vignoli who spotted this on a trash can. Hopefully you can read it - it says "fuck the lesbian in the ass." As Mark pointed out, there are some spelling issues.

I am hoping that Dwayne Buckle, the man attacked by a gang of petite and ornery lesbians, wrote this!


Blogger Ernie said...

Dude, it obviously says "Fuck lesbians up the ass," not "fuck the lesbian in the ass"

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

on behalf of Dwayne Buckle, I don't think he would appreciate that accusation, maybe we should hope Jackie Clarke wrote "all niggers must die" and post that all over the internet then.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Final Justice said...

Let's just have graffiti and posters spread all around New York that say "Justice For Dwayne Buckle" and that should do it.

You talk about hate -- those females were the EPITOME of hate. They could give Hitler a run for his deutschmarks.

If women and men both realized they are exactly the same, you could never imagine how far we could progress in this world.

A line must ultimately be drawn when a female decides she has carte blanche to kill a male for whatever reason, and especially under sexist, supremacist propaganda pretenses.

NO! NO! NO! It will not be done!

--Final Justice

3:00 PM  

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