Music and Lyrics and Vomit

This image was sent in by the delightful and talented Jeff Hiller. He writes
"On the ad for the new Hugh Grant/ Drew Barrymoore movie "music and lyrics" someone added "and vomit". As cool as this graffitti is... I will be at the movie opening night. Unironically. I am that guy."
Jeff was brave to tell me that. And don't feel bad, Jeff, as I'm also that girl. I love cheesy movies and I love crying at cheesy movies even more. I got nabbed by a friend watching "Jerry Maguire" on TBS this weekend.

I think "Music and Lyrics" will be fun because Hugh Grant is so clearly miserable in the film. Watching people endure experiences they don't want to be a part of is comforting for me. Makes me feel like my dysfunctional childhood was not in vain.


Happy Valentines Day Jeff!

David Spade "Anus Mouth"

"Rules of Engagement" looks like a particularly turdy new show. A married couple, an engaged couple and David Spade. I'd rather felate the Vice President. The current Vice President. (Dick Cheney.) I'm a big Patrick Warburton fan but under no circumstance will I be viewing this show. If I want to see a comedy about how marriage fails I'll watch A&E's "Intervention."

So I was more than pleased when I saw this review on the "C" train.

"Anus Mouth"

David Spade has an "anus mouth." I wonder if that's what Heather Locklear likes about him.