Spring Means Baseball! Go Sox!

Spring is upon us and that means that baseball is here again. Thank goodness!

So here are some fun baseball thing-a-ma-jigs (including one non-graffiti item).

Sox/Yanks rivalry ends in death.
Bruised up Yanks fan, Ivonne Hernandez ran over a few Red Sox fans, killing one. This dope of a woman was at a bar in Nashua, NH proclaiming her Yanks fandom then jumped into her car to escape the chants of "Yankees Suck." A Yankes fan in NH? I smell an execution.

Speaking of the Yankees...lookie, lookie what I found!

I was taking out the trash one fine day when I looked into the garbage and found a Yanks cap. Now I know what you are supposed to do with those hats. I wonder if that hat is covering Phil Hughes ERA. Ha ha! Yankees suck!

And here is some fun Mets graffiti:

SNY has a bunch of Mets ads up around the city that frustrated fans have been delighting in scribbling over.

David Wright

Professional sports is the hobgoblin of the weak
Yikes. I love it when graffiti gets dorky and philosophical!

This graffiti is a little more NYC Classic:

I *think* that is Jose Reyes but I don't watch the Mets enough to know or care. But who cares WHAT player it is when he is smoking a huge "bluntz" while sliding into a base.

Play ball!


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Here's some graffiti in NYC


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Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again.

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