Cock Soothes

An ad for Carmex lip balm. "It soothes." I am assuming that the ad execs in charge of Carmex meant to imply that Carmex soothes. But all of that empty space and a black sharpie have other ideas in mind.

"Cock Soothes." Um hilarious. I know this isn't smart. It doesn't push the envelope in any way at all. But I love it. "Cock soothes" is the funniest possibly graffiti ever. And it makes me happy. Thank you once again C train!

Your or You're

Special thanks to Arch for sending in this graffiti and for listening to the "Jake and Jackie Show" on 92.3 FM. Here are his comments, "This might not qualify as great graffitti, I saw it spray painted in the stairwell of the G train. I love the copyright symbol at the end, is the person copyrighting the wrong spelling of 'you're'?"

Arch, this DEFINITELY qualifies as great graffiti. You are a genius. As is the graffiti artist. There aren't words to describe his genius. Who the fuck is this for? Since there is no name attached, I'm going to assume it is for me. That someone graffitied for me on the G line. Even though I live no where NEAR the G line. And then copyrighted bad spelling. Total genius.

Poor Rosie

Someone graffed a PSA poster for AIDS. Poor Rosie O'Donnell. Even when she does something good. She's called out for being a chub.

"Why doesn't Rosie O'Donnell have to worry about getting the Asian Bird Flu? Because she's a pig."

Ha ha...ok it's pretty funny.