Rape This Post

T Zoni language centers. This place looks CRAZY fun! I wonder what that girl's butt says.

Oh no. That butt says "Rape Me." That is unclassy. And I find it hard to believe that a female butt would ASK for rape. I mean, that is pretty outrageous. Nutrageous in fact.

Thank goodness that someone decided to address this awful statement with "rape this comment." Wait. What the fuck?

This is why people hate feminism. "Rape this comment." NO! It has no bite no zest no sense of humor. That being said I have no idea what an appropriately zesty comment would be. But I don't need a good one. I didn't whip out my pen.

I suck di...

An ad for the NYPD. Someone thinks this cop is a perv. Yawn. Why am I even posting this. I am boring myself.

"I suck di----"

Why wasn't this statement finished? Did the author flirt with guilt after getting an evil glance? Did the author see himself in the cop's eyes? Did a train come? "I suck di---"

I wonder what that nice man sucks. I shall never know.

That's a Dirty Baby!

I love it when Good Citizens try to clean up a posting. Take this poster for the UPN drama, "Kevin Hill." This adorable baby is thinking, "Dayyuum!!! Daddy, yo breath be stankin' like Mommas pussy."

Basically the baby was complaining that his father's breath smelled like his mother's hoo-ha. But that wasn't good enough for the stranger with the Fancy Pants Blue Sharpie. So let's look at the baby's new thoughts. "Dayyuum!!! Daddy, yo breath be smelling sweet like Mommas pussy."

That's feminism at work!

Just for giggles...what are the girls in the background saying?

I thought so. Whores.

Go Venus!

The US Open is coming to New York City! I wonder what Venus talks about with the other girls?

Oh, Venus. That's not a racket.

Typical Liberal Shit

Al Franken...what are you broadcasting to the world over the Air America airwaves?

"Oh man, that was a wet one!!!
I think I shit myself."

I hate it when I take a triple exclamation-point shit in my pants when I'm on the radio.

She Male All Gay!

Sean Penn in an ad for "The Interpreter."

"She male all gay."

Normally I don't go for the homophobic graffiti. Blah. But seeing 'she male all gay' pointing to Sean Penn's sour puss made me smile. It is so wonderfully redundant it becomes a poem. '
She Male All Gay.' If I had an Abba cover band I would call it 'She Male All Gay.'

Who's in Kojak?

Ving Rhames is Kojak. I wonder who else is in this USA original series.

Nick Nolte as Fred Sandford
Vin Diesel as Shaft
Kevin Spacey as Superfly
Wicket the Ewok as Chewbacca
and Garfield the Cat as Lassie

Keannu Reeves as Huggie Bear
Monica Lewinsky as Ally McBeal "Pussy Eater" (I bet that was written by David Kelly.)

Michael Jackson as a priest
John Goodman as Ghandi

Ted Kennedy as Al Sharpton

Wow! This show sounds AMAZING!


I love the classics.


Those missionaries.


Ok. This one is crass but it really makes me laugh.

An ad for Secret deodorant. Seems simple enough. She seems like a nice girl, a sweet girl.

What could she be thinking about? What's her secret? Does she eat too much sugar? Is she dating someone at work?

Oh my god. THAT'S your secret? You whore!

(Special points to the good Samaritan who tried to clean it up...by misspelling 'country.' Or was she making a political statement? Maybe we do live in a 'cuntry?')

Fresh Direct Politico

What say you, lobster?

"Bush makes me crabby!"

Well put.

I *heart* crack

A promo for "Being Bobby Brown."

This sign is almost 100% unblemished. Except for Whitney's wife-beater (I'm drowning in irony.)
But what does that say? Let's look closer.

Please notice how 'I heart crack' is the only writing anywhere. I love that! An entire Brooklyn community looked at this poster and decided that, as far as graffiti goes, this work of art is complete.

Hell to the yes.