Sent in by Dan McInerney. He says "through overuse, most jokes become clich├ęs. A precious few become classics. I think you will agree, this falls into the latter category."

he he sounds about right to me!

I *heart* cock

I *heart* Cock!
Me too!
Chicken for me.
I like monkeys! You assholes!

Sent in by "Bitch E Licious -
Found this in one of the ladies' room stalls at my favorite reststop - on I84, Exit 71, Ruby Road, Willington, CT."

I heart cock and monkeys too!

Cereal Assassin

Sent in by Katie Cheek in Brooklyn. Thanks Katie!
Katie writes
"this poster used to be on the Clinton Washington stop of the G-train. I believe it used to say "cerebral assassin." I assume Pratt Students had something to do with it, but who knows? It's hilarious either way. Enjoy."

I enjoyed it, Katie. And now you all can too!