Think Like Me

This is one of my favorite recent graffiti posts. It's simple and beautiful.

An ad for "Fox and Friends." There is no graffiti on it at all except for one small drawn ribbon to the right of the ad.

"Think Like Me"

I think this is where graffiti becomes art. And once again the masses that pass this ad on a daily basis decided, together, that this ad needed no more graffitit. Just the unwritten motto of Fox News. Well done New York City

I am he, bitch.

This graffiti is from an NYC 2005 debate poster. Look at the grammar on this one. Grammar good. Punctuation bad. I love the graffiti artist wrote, "I am he." That is right on grammatically. But he is missing a comma. It should read, "I am he, bitch." Or even better would be, "Bitch, I am he." Grammar aside, the artist clearly drew this woman to look like Jesus. I would be fine with the world ending and the rapture coming, just so we could hear the words, "I am he, bitch."

Movie Poetry

There is this movie theatre in Brooklyn that has been shut down for some time. No one bothered to take down the names of the movies still on the marquee, "Man on Fire" and "Van Helsing." I was delighted to see that some Brooklyn citizen took matters into his own hands.

"Hanna have snail venom from Ginseng fern."