Project Runway

"Project Runway" is one of my FAVORITE shows. I am obsessed with it! Tim Gunn is elegant and sincere. Heidi Klum is a charmer and a stunner even at 7 months pregnant! And the show is heart-breaking! Diana is such a weird nerd. Santino is a giant dink...and who knew that Daniel Franco was the definition of classy.

That said. This is great graffiti. The tagline for the show is "they sew, she cuts." The 'they' being the designers and the 'she' being Ms. Klum. Now check the magic out when a magic marker gets involved.

"They sew, she cuts...FARTS!"

ha ha ha ha! Yes! She is mother-fucking pregnant. I don't care if she is Heidi Klum. That bitch farts!


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