Fat Ass Rant

"Does this butt make this room look small? No, it makes you look stupid."

I have to agree with Jai. There are so many things wrong with this ad that even the graffiti can't save it. Not that Jai didn't try. I really hate this whole dumb Manhattan Mini Storage campaign. All of the ads are stupid but this one takes the cake. Can you imagine posing for this picture? I guarantee this was a non-union job. The stark white background and unfunny copy drip with non-union. This ad is why I refuse to go in on print auditions. Waste a perfect afternoon of goofing off so I can bend over and have someone take a picture of my ass. I think I spend enough in therapy, thank you.

But I am sure the woman who posed is quite happy with her $250 and no residuals. And is not consumed with shame every single time she boards the N train. Geesh, what a rant. Really, who am I to judge? I auditioned for a Mazda voice over where I played a crack whore who was pistol-whipped for wanting gas.

This graffiti was supplied by Ari Scott. Yay!


Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

Butts kick ass!

5:42 AM  

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