Lord of War

Graffiti found on "Lord of War" posters.

Mostly Bush-haters
. I find it rare to pass an unblemished "Lord of War" poster, as I did yesterday in Soho. Maybe fancy makes people less political.

"He's just trying to make a buck." Oddly sympathetic to the Lord of War. Maybe Condoleeza Rice scrawled this one when she was buying shoes in NYC last week.

"Impeach Bush." Why did he have sex?

This one is a federal crime: "I will kill Bush & Brown. Cheney's dead already. Dayam. New Orleans is sinful."
The rambling yet earnest nature of this statement makes me think Kayne West rides the C train.

My personal favorite. Even with the world a mess and our government fumbling like a gaggle of drunken stepfathers, people still hope and people still love.

"Erin *heart* Nano"

Thank god for 12 year old girls.


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