Victory Cheese

My blogging buddy, Victory Cheese, sent me a great SAN FRAN graffiti that I have to post. Personally, I am always surprised when a notoriously liberal part of the country spews racist bile. But the response to the graffiti is very San Fran. I think the author runs a group therapy session on anger management and has recently fulfilled a life-long dream of taking a stand-up comedy class.

The comments below are Sean's.
"On a gas station bathroom door in the Castro. My eye was first caught by the offensive scrawl in the pic to the upper right. But I cackled in delight when I saw the response written underneath it. Now that's elevating bathroom graffiti insults to a high art."


Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

Andy Griffith lives in San Fran now?

this almost makes me glad that some folks are ignorant enough to hate on sight.

11:15 AM  

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